(STI) Strategic Thinking Institute

Our Philosophy

The wealth of nations together with their underlying commerce is increasingly dependant on their ability to practice and apply long-range strategic thinking.

• A recent Wall Street Journal sites strategic thinking as the no.1 rated skill in corporate executives
• Further research into failing companies has identified poor strategy as the reason behind 50% of all declared bankruptcies globally

The STI is a strategic thinking incubator for managers and executives at various levels, roles and disciplines wanting to develop their strategic thinking and decision-making abilities. Our learning processes will help any manager dealing with business complexity in their role to gain and maintain strategic orientation to all short and long-term decision-making.

Strategic Counsel

As a chief executive/managing director or strategic business unit head, the pressures of running a complex organisation and meeting external stakeholder expectations can undermine the importance of investing time in thinking and leading strategically. You may be deeply concerned about issues like;
  • Are you growing as fast as you should relative to your industry peers?
  • Are you competitive enough and how sustainable is your competitive advantage?
  • Is your business or product portfolio complete and balanced and are you betting on the right horses for your future growth acceleration?
  • Are your managers adding value in the respective portfolios they are managing?
  • Is your corporate center adding value to business units, is it optimally structured and resourced? And a lot more...
Our Strategic Council will:
  • Provide a fresh perspective, ideas and insights on thinking creatively about issues and tough decisions you face as a senior leader
  • Provide you with a 'safe' platform to experiment with ideas and project their impact on your organisation and your people before implementing them
  • Provide you with honest, objective feedback from a 'politics-free' thinking partner
Deep One-on-One Strategist Program

The program targets organisations wishing to:
  • Develop a new breed of BU managers to strategically reposition the organisation, its business units and operations. Restructuring or turnaround candidate companies would specifically benefit from the program.
  • Develop strategic thinking ability in managers identified as part of a corporate talent and succession management program.
  • Develop senior executives and BU managers recently appointed into complex roles and functions who may be functional experts in disciplines like engineering, finance, HR, marketing, IT, etc but lacking the requisite strategic leadership abilities
The program also targets Individuals wishing to:
  • Increase their strategic IQ, raise their strategic thinking capabilities and improve their managerial and leadership performance
  • Manage strategically in key support and specialist roles like mastering strategic HR, strategic IT, strategic finance, strategic program office, strategic supply chain, strategic brand and product management and lots more...

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