Strategy and Leadership

Strategic ability in executive teams remains a key cornerstone of organisational success and yet it can be the most ignored area of learning in most organisations. We have partnered clients in assignments ranging from formulation of strategy right through to developing custom implementation as well as performance evaluation and measurement frameworks.

Our Key Areas of Expertise:
  • Executive coaching on strategic leadership, short and long-range strategic thinking frameworks
  • Formulation of corporate and business unit strategies
  • Portfolio strategy development for multi-business unit organisations, multiple and geographically diversified asset structures as well as brand and product portfolios
  • Organisational alignment and cascading of strategic themes and goals, balanced scorecards, strategic projects and initiatives as an execution framework
  • Structuring of the strategy support unit, annual strategy process mapping, structuring of projects portfolio management office (PMO) and portfolio management processes
  • Fundamental business analysis looking at your organisation's long term strategic positioning and strengths
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